Human Values Policy

Bakioğlu Holding’s Human Values and Corporate Development Department aims:

  • to be a company preferred by a qualified workforce that has internalized universal values such as being “fair, liberal, sharing and egalitarian”,
  • to keep up with changes in the sector and the world, and to adapt the organization to these changes both quantitatively and qualitatively,
  • to update employee profiles in line with the company strategy, and to establish an employee profile that will redefine the company strategy,
  • to ensure professional development of employees by providing realistic and sustainable feedback in the context of an individual performance management system that is designed in line with company goals and strategies,
  • to be able to offer employees the opportunity to improve themselves, gain experience, and participate in management in different areas, by making appointments in various divisions of the organization,
  • to enhance employee satisfaction and commitment by consolidating a happy and peaceful work environment, and
  • to be a strategic partner through sustainable Human Values policies.