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Bakioğlu Holding

“Adding value to the country by achieving “the best” in all activity fields thanks to continuous investment and development, guiding its activities with the mission of being an "everlasting” respected group of companies globally, developing an integrated "Packaging Industry" from scratch from 1973 to the present day and making it compatible with international standards, Bakioğlu Holding takes great pride in bringing this success to the Turkish Packaging Sector in a globally-competitive environment.”


Dear Business Partners and Employees of Bakioğlu Holding,

s you are all well aware, since the inception of Bakioğlu Holding, we have aimed “to be the best” in every area of our operations. Our goal has been to provide added-value for our country, rank among respected multi-national corporations, and fly the flags of both our country and our group in every corner of the world.Click for Read Continue

Cem Bakioğlu
Bakioğlu Holding A.Ş.
Chairman of the Board of Directors


We Attended the Closing Event of the Continued Dialogue, Closer To Europe.

We attended the closing event of the Continued Dialogue, Closer To Europe.... Read Continue

Polibak is the Rising Star Of Export

One of our Bakioğlu Holding Packaging Group Companies, Polibak, came in 13th place in the Chemicals and Chemical Products sector among "Türkiye's Top 1000 Exporters" announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly.... Read Continue

We rank among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in 2021 as well!

We are proud to be amongst Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises once again this year, with our Packaging Group Companies “Bak Ambalaj and Polibak”.... Read Continue

Bakioğlu Holding's Two Big Steps Towards Renewable Energy

We, Bakioğlu Holding, began our renewable energy production journey with the Aegean Forest Foundation Solar Energy Plant (GES) in 2014.... Read Continue

The Organization Making a Difference in Sustainability Award of Anadolu 500 Goes to Bakioğlu Holding

We, as Bakioğlu Holding, were awarded TEB Special Prize in the category of "The Firms Making a Difference in Sustainability" at the Anadolu 500 Award Ceremony organized with the cooperation of Ekonomist and Capital magazines. ... Read Continue

We rank among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in 2020 as well!

We take pride in being once again ranked among Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises in the annual survey of ISO 500 in 2020 with our Packaging Group Companies Bak Ambalaj and Polibak Sanayi.... Read Continue

We are ranked among Turkey's Top 500 Compaines with Most R&D Investment!

We are ranked in the second list of the "Turkey’s Top 250 Companies with Most R&D Investment" research organized for a 8th time by Turkishtime.... Read Continue

We support sustainable packaging production!

Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) is a US-based organization collaborating with businesses, public institutions and educational establishments in the packaging industry... Read Continue

Bak Ambalaj was awarded with Bronze Award in Crescents and Stars for Packaging 2020 Competition!

Bak Ambalaj was awarded Bronze Award at the 9th Crescents and Stars fort he Packaging 2020 Competiton held by Packaging Manufacturers Association. ... Read Continue