Message from the Chairman

Dear Business Partners and Employees of Bakioğlu Holding,

As you are all well aware, since the inception of Bakioğlu Holding, we have aimed “to be the best” in every area of our operations. Our goal has been to provide added-value for our country, rank among respected multi-national corporations, and fly the flags of both our country and our group in every corner of the world. This was the lynchpin of our mission and we have always acted with this mindset. To this end, of course, we have had to synchronize with progress and invest continuously.

And this we have done...

These investments were made in information, innovation, technology, and most importantly, human value. In short, they were an investment in the future of Bakioğlu, of our very own future.

Throughout this path, we have been guided by our Leadership Constitution:

“Belief…. pAssion… teamworK… commItment…”

We have advanced towards leadership by adopting these four factors.

We are aware that a brand is born with its mission and vision, and with its principles it grows, develops, succeeds, and gains trust and recognition, thus enduring across generations. In other words: It becomes Everlasting…

Aware that we are now a group that leads any field we operate in, we are pleased to accelerate our brand investments. We are fully aware that this success is not a coincidence, and that we are guided by our unwavering commitment to "Our Values" and "Our Goals" in light of our Corporate Philosophy. As Bakioğlu Holding employees, we continue to shape our activities with particular emphasis on the satisfaction of our employees and all of our stakeholders, with the saying, “We put people first”. We ensure “trust”, and develop trust-based relationships. By operating in an accountable, transparent and fair corporate culture, we adopt “fair approaches” in our business and human relationships. We employ “our quality- and solution-oriented perspective” in all business processes and our lives. We support the “development” of “people”, which is our greatest value, in order to create and sustain all of these values in every part of our company. Knowing that life has its own natural cycle, and believing that each and every one of us should not only be aware of our own lives, but also of developments in our environment and our country, we act “with a sense of social responsibility”.

We believe in this: our corporate philosophy and values will carry us much further. We continue to work, to produce, to create value with all our strength and faith. I wish for us to act on the principles of belief, passion, teamwork, and commitment to set sail for enduring success, and to be everlasting.

Best Regards,

Cem Bakioğlu
Bakioğlu Holding A.Ş.
Chairman of the Board of Directors